July 23, 2012

Randy Rogers: The Truth Is In The Music...

Sitting down with Randy Rogers, it is not hard to see how his life and lyrics get translated into song.  His easy going manner and roll-with-punches attitude seem perfect for the artist that is highly in demand and often gone from the comforts of home for long stretches.  He has a down to earth sense about him that is tied closely to a “been around the block”, observational style.  The songs he writes are his…meaning the lyrics that fill the albums are “from the heart.  I like records that are snapshots of where you’re at (in life).”  When asked about his upcoming release (Trouble, which should be out in the spring), Randy says “It’s my favorite album I’ve written.  If the world came to an end, I would be happy with this recording.  It’s a very sincere record.  All of our lives and problems are displayed for the world to see so we write about them.  There isn’t much smoke and mirrors with this record; it is said exactly as you would if you need to go to therapy.  That’s what this record was for the band.  We needed to be in that studio as a group of young men.”  When asked about how autobiographical his songs are, he says “I try not to write anything that isn’t (autobiographical).  The songs are true because that’s the only way I know how to write.”

You can hear some of the new tracks on display during the full band shows or catch an even deeper glimpse into the passion behind the songs while he performs acoustically on his annual Hold My Beer and Watch This tour with Wade Bowen.  The guys feed off each other with the comfort level of life-long friends; and seeing how this is the 6th annual such tour, it is almost to be expected.  (Not to mention the countless other performances, writing sessions, and golf outings.)  Even with their schedules growing more and more hectic as the years pass by, they say the tour is a priority to both of them.  It is at these acoustic shows that they seem to be a little looser, play a little more to the crowd, and tell the stories where these immensely popular songs originated from.  If you haven’t caught one yet, they’ll be to your town soon, don’t miss it.

And it is in the stories that take place inside the songs that keep the fans singing along and always coming back for more.  “The melody is usually where I start with a song.  I come up with what I like melodically and try and fit the words in.  I’ve never written a poem and put music to it; I make the music first and then write around it.”  Rogers has written a treasure chest full of songs that his throng of followers can sing from memory at the drop of a hat.  He never puts any fillers on his albums and each one contains a plethora of new material that is battle tested and ready for live shows.  As we have stated before, it is almost unfair to be a fan because there is absolutely no way for him to cram all the favorites into one show per night.  But that’s what road trips were made for, right?   

If you are not able to see The Randy Rogers Band anytime soon, always pay attention to your local listings.  You just never know when the guys might pop up on Conan, Leno, or Letterman again.  Whether you’re an avid fan of the band or if you are/were late to the party, his music is there for everyone.  Every song has a personal attachment to it that one can easily reflect upon their life at some time or another.  He can put a silly twist on things (“Buy Myself a Chance”), give you a nice kiss-off (“Too Late for Goodbye”), or tug at the heartstrings (“Steal You Away”).  One way or another he knows how to please his audience, even if the subject matter that fills the air is painful to live through for the artist himself.  There are too many reasons to list why this will be a top tier band for years to come, so please go and find out for yourself.  We promise you will be rewarded with a night you’ll talk about for a very long time.

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Randy Rogers Band
Big Texas South
July 6th, 2012

Too Late For Goodbye
Better Off Wrong
Tonight's Not the Night
Buy Myself A Chance
Damn the Rain
Speak of the Devil (new)
10 Miles Deep
Wicked Ways
Lonely Too Long
One More Goodbye
You Could Change My Mind
Steal You Away
Looking For You For So Long
Last Last Chance
Lost and Found
Somebody Take Me Home
In My Arms Instead
Down and Out
Kiss Me In the Dark


Sit Here and Drink (Merle Haggard)
This Time Aroun

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