July 6, 2012

The Departed ~ Just a great band, doing what they do best.

After 2011’s all covers album, This Is Indian Land, got them off and running trying to keep as many fans as possible from their previous band stints, the boys in The Departed seem amped up to start on a new chapter and steamroll their way through any nah-sayers.   The gentlemen that make up The Departed; Steve Littleton, Seth James, Dave Bowen, Jeremy Plato, and Cody Canada, have “been there and done that” with making beautifully crafted music on several different levels and with many different talented artists.  However, they are approaching uncharted waters as far as doing this tight rope act as a collective whole for the first time.  Always ones to stretch the limits on any boundaries set before them, the songs they have unleashed on us so far are looking pretty promising.
The main songs released on a live audience so far from their to-be-released second album have included “Midnight Train to Memphis” (by the Steeldrivers),” Hard to Find”, “Worth the Fight”, “Prayer for the Lonely”,” Mary”, “Flagpole”, and the Seth James penned “ Calling all Demons”.  One could not see why any of these fine tunes will not make the next record.  The rest of their set list from The Firehouse Saloon includes several takes from the This is Indian Land album as well as a few Cross Canadian Ragweed songs to keep the masses happy.  “Rosalie”, “Long Where to Nowhere”, “Skyline Radio”, “Face on Mars”, “Water Your Own Yard”, and “Home Sweet Oklahoma” round out the live mainstays from their latest effort.  They have also stayed pretty consistent with CCR covers of “Dimebag”, “Alabama”, “Time to Move On”, and “Anywhere but Here”.
At the show we saw at the Firehouse Saloon, Cody even mixed in “Bluebonnets”.    One would have to imagine a day when those particular Ragweed covers won’t be necessary but we think that’s still another album or two further down the road and it makes for a pretty great back catalogue to have in times of need.   It seems hard to imagine…but the band sounds that much sharper every time they pass through and we have to think their rehearsals must be some pretty smooth sailing (and a whole lotta fun as well).  All in all, they mix in the old with the new, the tributes with originals, and the heartfelt with pure adrenaline rush seamlessly; and we can’t wait to see what lies in store for this band of brothers as they keep blazing their own trail.

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