September 11, 2013

Remember the Heroes...

September 11, 2001 is a day that will forever live in infamy.  It showed the world that monsters truly do exist and that your worst fears can find their way to our front doorstep.  I hope everyone takes a moment today to think, to reflect, and put their lives in perspective about the events in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC, on that date.  Though that day is an abomination on our pride, I know that for others, it sprung them into action to do the jobs that the rest of us are too scared to perform. 

The following is a piece that we have been sitting on for a while because we couldn't find the proper way to do the Pustejovsky family justice in expressing how honored we were to meet them and spend the afternoon with them.  Today felt like the right time.  Thank you again to the Pustejovsky family, all those who attended the Bowen classic and to Wade Bowen himself for always remembering where he came from and for supporting his neighbors.

We here at LoneStar Outlaw Review get to do some amazing things, meet amazing people, and hear some of the best music this fine nation has to offer.  But every once in a while even we are taken aback.  While attending the 15th annual Bowen classic we had a chance to put a face with the horrifying devastation that took place in West, TX.  In hanging around backstage with other attendees we had the privilege of meeting the Pustejovsky family.  Joey Pustejovsky was a first responder from the West Volunteer Fire Department and according to his father and brother, Joe and Brad, respectively, they knew exactly where to find him when the sirens went off.  “He was a secretary for the city and always ready to jump into action when needed” his father said.  Joey unfortunately did not make it out of the blaze, and also leaves behind his wife, Kelly, mother, Carolyn, and sister-in-law Dolores.  It is the brave actions of people like Joey Pustejovsky that we should all pray to have as friends, neighbors, and guardians in our life.  Thank you Joey and to the other victims for making the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe.   You shall never be forgotten.  

God Bless the Fallen.  

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Article written by:
Matthew R. Ricketts
Senior Journalist @ LoneStar Outlaw Review

Photos courtesy of © KelleyStroutPhotography

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