April 17, 2013

The Departed: A One Song Assult

There are many artists out there that are happy to be a flash in the pan and seemingly laugh all the way to the bank.  They care not about being the punch line of industry jokes and are happy to have their few fleeting minutes of fame.  They write a catchy tune and maybe create a dance to coincide with whatever craze happens to be passing through the nation at that time.  These, if you hadn’t already guessed, are not our type of artist.  We love passion, creativity, and a “this is the music I’m going to make and you’re going to like it attitude”.   We like whole albums that can be listened to front to back and on repeat.  In short, we like artists who bare their soul. 

Often times an album is just a collection of songs that don’t generally coincide with a theme.  It’s a great opportunity for the artist to express many different facets of their emotions, abilities, and skill sets.  When an artist tells you there is a concept to the album, it is often hard to follow the whole concept throughout the record.  This is not the case with The Departed’s new album Adventus.  It is their first album of new material since the bands inception a few years ago.  When we had the chance to interview Cody Canada during the making of the album we asked him “what do you think the new sound of the band is going to be?”  He responded “I’m hoping to put together this first album and be able to slide it across the table and say here’s our new sound.”  So far, so good, sir.

The album serves many purposes; the before mentioned a new sound of a collection of fine musicians first and foremost.  Secondly, seeing what direction the band was gonna take when you gather these likeminded kindred spirits.  Third, adding even more fresh material to a set list that could go on for hours if supplemented by prior recordings from each member’s earlier stops.  But the reason we found the album so important to the growth of this traveling band is a fine tune snuck into the middle of the album.  We think there are no ironies being pulled on us by having the main song that delivered the greatest message is a quiet 5 and a half minute gem that sounds as if it could have been recorded with just a guitar, a harmonica, and probably in two takes.  It’s a great, fitting song to base an entire album around and it’s called “Cold Hard Fact’.
“And that’s a cold hard fact
Won’t be coming back

Rolled the last credit
Played the last act
And that’s a cold hard fact”

Taking the ‘less is more’ approach with his songwriting, Cody Canada delivered the 1-2 punch we think he has been long trying to politely hint at.  Any nay-sayers and wishful thinkers take notice…because many of the lines that Mr. Canada (along with his other writing partners) put out generally have a reason behind them.  Since the demise of Cross Canadian Ragweed, fans have been clamoring for more; a new album, a reunion, anything.  The boys of The Departed have been gracious enough to sprinkle a few Ragweed songs into the set list while also wisely turning to some Seth James back catalogue gems as well.  But this song has officially and emphatically closed that chapter and each member’s past is just a precursor to the ever evolving sound that The Departed will continue to morph into.  Thank you Cody for giving us another from-the-heart, straight shot, song that should quell any further questioning.  This is a band that is still a work a progress, but they have a fine first album under their belts and we can’t wait to see what the future will bring with these guys. 

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Article written by:
Matthew R. Ricketts
Senior Journalist @ LoneStar Outlaw Review

Photos courtesy of © KelleyStroutPhotography

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