August 23, 2012

A Quick Chat with Stoney LaRue...

Have you ever had a friend that you felt to be as genuine as the Earth?  As relatable as a lifelong companion?  As true as the day is long?  Meet Stoney LaRue for a few minutes and you’ll feel the same way.  Stoney and I are not friends but he has a way of making you feel at ease and comfortable in a matter of seconds.  He is a gracious, humble, gregarious guy who was kind enough to give us some of his time…and it is crystal clear to see why he makes fans by the hundreds, appeals to all audiences around the country, and continues to see his star rise.

So what do a hippy, a frat guy, a Wall Street banker, and a big burly biker have in common?  Not a whole lot that I can think of except you’ll see them all at a Stoney LaRue and the Arsenals concert; and probably singing along to every word as well.  The broad appeal of his music is somewhat puzzling, but makes it that much more authentic.  I don’t want to listen to music that only appeals to a small, catered to demographic.  I want my foot to tap, my head to bob, and my heart to break with the music I pay my hard earned dollar to see and experience.  And that’s what you get with a Stoney LaRue show.  You’ll leave thinking you got away with seeing the main feature at a matinee price.

Between his yearly trips to Mexico and Alaska and, oh by the way, releasing the long awaited album, Velvet, it has been a busy year for Stoney.  I love the trip to Alaska.  It started off with Bleu Edmondson and myself going up there and we try to take new people with us every year.  This year it was the Braun brothers and of course Jason Boland and Brandon Jenkins.  We like to take people who are spiritual and will know how to take it all in.”

As for the new album, Velvet, I didn’t know what to expect upon first listening with the exception of hearing a few songs getting “road tested” at some shows.  It feels like a strong departure from some of the older music.  The music seemed to find Mr. LaRue in a calmer, more reflective state of being.  It was different, it was easy flowing, and it was easy on the ears.  All in all, a beautifully crafted album that has been well worth the wait.  I could see how that would come across (being calmer, reflective).  It does lend its self to a listening album.  There’s a lot of depth to it.  After being on the road for 14 years I would hope I have some things to look back on.  It is reflective but looking forward at the same time.

The album does in fact lend itself to listening.  Not too many albums out there can you get away with listening to at a loud club, a road trip weekend, and a quiet night at home.  But Stoney is able to pull it off, and judging by looks of it, quite easily.  As previously stated, Stoney really is one of the nicer guys you’ll ever meet…and yet…badass, all at the same time.  All of us here at LoneStar Outlaw Review know that there is absolutely nothing standing in the way of him becoming a household name nationwide.  Catch his current single “Look at Me Fly” out on the radio dial and don’t be too surprised to hear even more great NEW music in the not too distant future.  Seems as though Stoney isn’t quite done reflecting just yet…    


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Article Written By: Matthew Ricketts ~ Senior Staff Writer, LoneStar Outlaw Review
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