May 21, 2012

The Writers Corner ~ "One More Day"

While we are franticly working on putting together all the articles and pictures from the great shows we have seen recently, we wanted to inject something new to the website as well. For every one of your favorite artist out there, a thousand others are trying to make it big, catch a break, or just write for their own personal reasons. The latter is where we start. One of our lead writers has donated a piece he wrote a while back to get this new idea off the ground and running. His name is Matthew Ricketts and this is what he has to say about his writing.

"Writing for me has always been an outlet. It started off as simple poetry and progressively took the form of song. I knew I was never cut out to be a musician but writing offered me a chance to express myself through words that I was unable to speak. It has given me an outlet to let go the things that might eat away at the insides. This particular choice (entitled One More Day) was written right after a friend’s suicide about four years ago...and I was devastated. I didn’t know what to do or what to say but it all poured out of me in a matter of moments and that’s what you have here. I have never been one to try and sit down and force myself to write, it feels like a job then. When I write it is because I need to get things out and don’t know how to otherwise. I can only hope that people are able to find that release that they need as well. Thank you."

One More day

I’m floating through the atmosphere
Not quite sure how I got here
I want to cry
But there’s no more tears

Then someone called and said you were gone
Don’t know quite what’s going on
I couldn’t believe
What you’d gone and done

And when my tears say
All that I want to say
And the craziness
Makes me insane

And when the pain
Won’t seem to go away
I’m wishing for
Just one more day

My twisted thoughts and memories
Come creeping back and haunting me
I want you back
Here right next to me

One more day is what I ask of you
Why couldn’t you just follow through
We had so much more life
And other things to do

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