April 13, 2012

An Open Letter to Wade Bowen and Fans.

You can teach a child how to ride a bike and hope that someday he wins the Tour De France.  You can show a teenager to throw a perfect spiral to help him achieve his dreams of winning a Super Bowl.  You can even train a young pianist flawless technique when they aspire to one day become part of the American Symphony Orchestra. However, there are some things you just cannot teach; such as talent, drive, perseverance and most importantly…passion.  This makes Wade Bowen one unique son of a bitch.

Many years ago one of our writers (here at LoneStar Outlaw) was having a birthday celebration at the Firehouse Saloon, and Wade Bowen happened to be the performer.  Besides the group of them that were there to celebrate a friend’s birthday…there were approximately three other people in the crowd, including a child up way past its bedtime.  Wade had his usual great performance and was even kind enough to wish our writer Happy Birthday over the microphone.  Fast forward to a few nights ago: a sold out show with a line down the street (just to get in the door), fans chanting his name, and the look and feel of a big time performer about to hit the stage.  It was then that we remembered…this was exactly the same guy.  The same guy whose debut album we found on a value rack at a used CD shop…is now giving interviews across this great Nation. The same guy who used to be the opening act at festivals…is now headlining them.   The same guy who put his heart and soul into that show at the Firehouse for less than a dozen or so fans…puts exactly the same effort forth with a full house cheering.  These are things you cannot teach.

The songs have always been there.  Go back to his debut album, Try Not to Listen, and point out a bad song.  Didn’t think so.  And we’d really love to hear the argument that you could find something not worth your time on his subsequent albums, Lost Hotel and If We Ever Make it Home.  The point is Wade has always been an incredibly gifted craftsman of words; it is actually a shame that a gem like him is only just now getting his voice out to a bigger platform.  The live albums, Blue Light Live and Live at Billy Bob’s, only further validate his all-around repertoire of not only being an excellent singer/songwriter, but help to convey the deep emotions that go into his songs.  (Editor’s note:  About damn time they gave you the Billy Bob’s album.)
His live shows are great.  Remembering his shows of yesterday and seeing him more recently remind us of seeing a young man sent off to boarding school.  When the boy leaves he might look a certain way, dress and/or act a certain way, but upon his arrival back home…you notice changes.  Maybe he dresses better, is in better shape, and looks sharper all the way around.  This is not to say Wade needed any changes, but he carries himself as if he belongs among the upper echelon of the Texas/Red Dirt scene.  And with good reason, because he does belong there; and his stature is only growing.
 Wade Bowen has been one of our favorites for many years now, both in and out of Texas.  We here at LoneStar Outlaw Review can’t wish Wade enough luck as he makes new fans out there on the road and brings a little bit of Texas to the world.  We know that people/fans aren’t always quick to adapt to change and, trust us, we’d love to go back to seeing him with three other drunks in a bar…but those times have passed.  We know that at his core he will always be the same person driven to put forth the best effort possible.  We realize that more publicity and notoriety gives him a better chance to spend more time and effort on even better albums than he have already given us.  He is at a huge crossroads in his career and we see absolutely nothing but great things coming down the turnpike.  To Wade Bowen and the “hardest working band in the business”, God’s speed and safe travels, we know you’ll be back and we can’t wait to see what the future brings you.


MARCH 30TH, 2012

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  1. AWESOME ARTICLE, LoneStar! Makes us want to meet Bowen personally. But in the meantime, we'll just keep cheering for him from the floor! And we'll keep waiting for more LoneStar Reviews, too.You guys have what it takes. EVERYONE is waiting for the next read.

  2. Hey LONESTAR! We LOVE the photos of Wade. Up close and personal, catching him at his fine moments, and giving us a glimpse of his stardom. THANK YOU, LONESTAR OUTLAW REVIEW.