December 7, 2011

Joseph Hall ~ Live at The Grand

One of the greatest things about music is how diverse it can be.  From country, to jazz, to rock & roll...latest hits to the classics, Johnny Cash to Jay-Z—music really can appeal to just about anyone. So naturally, here at LoneStar Outlaw Review, we’re always up for hearing new acts  and seeing new stuff.  And a few weeks ago…that’s exactly what we got the chance to do.  At The Grand Theater in Grand Island, Nebraska, we saw our first Joseph Hall show. 

To date, Joseph Hall (a native Texan) has made quite the name for himself as an Elvis tribute artist.  With appearances on Good Morning America, NBC’s America’s Got Talent, USA Today, Fox News, The Morning Show, and several others…we had to see what this kid was all about for ourselves. C’mon…if you’re going to pay tribute to one of the music’s original outlaws, we want to see what you can bring to the table. 

Just getting into the theater was a message in itself as to how far and wide people will travel to see his Elvis “Rock ‘N’ Remember” tribute to The King, himself.  As the line wrapped around the corner of the block, fans continued to arrive dressed in their Joseph Hall T-shirts, scarves, and jackets. Quite the change of pace from the beer swilling and fold-out chairs you’ll see during summertime festivals in Texas, we took a seat in The Grand.  With all 400 seats filled at the beautifully refurbished facility and the stage set with colored lights and satin curtains—it was a sold-out (packed) house.  And they were ready to ROCK & ROLL!

Kyle Hall (father and manager to Joseph) kicked the show off by introducing the fan’s favorite in Nebraska—there wasn’t a single soul sitting when he took stage.  From the moment Joseph set foot in the spotlight, the fans went wild. 

Hall has mastered the uncanny ability to make each and every person in the audience feel ecstatic about just being at his show—whether they’re coming from across town or a 14-hour drive from Texas.  As he worked his way through every row in the venue, you could see how fans felt connected to this “America’s Got Talent” star.  He was up close and personal—connecting to the audience with his amazing performance. 

Some of Joseph’s highlighted songs that kicked the concert into fifth gear were the fast-paced “Poke Salad Annie” and the smooth-even tune of “Good time Charlie’s Got the Blues”.  Hall also treated the large audience with a number of Christmas tunes like, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and blessed the crowd with some of the gospel songs from his last CD.  “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”.  Our favorite here at LoneStar Outlaw Review—was his rendition of “Suspicious Minds”…undoubtedly. Talk about the classics.  Wow.

One of the greatest things about this show aside from the raw energy he exuded was Joseph’s appreciation—both of the US TROOPS . . . and his Crew.  Joseph gave our soldiers honor and respect for their service by his songs.  He also has an innate ability to show gratitude to his team—his lights and sound technicians, camera man, merchandise sales people, and his family, who supports his endeavors.  Nice to see that people can stay humble even when they’re in the midst of becoming rising stars. 

Personal photos with Joseph were offered to guests during the intermission and the takers made a huge line for the opportunity to hug their favorite star.  Joseph’s CD’s, T-shirts, composites, chains, scarves, pins and leather bags were all sold during the show.  Joseph also showed his humility as he offered a “Meet and Greet” to the fans after the performance. 
Ask any number of people “what’s one concert you wish you could have seen?”, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll get countless ELVIS responses.  Seeing Joseph Hall preform is as close to the real thing as one can get! Joseph did an incredible job recreating the moves, the look, and the sound of Elvis Presley.  Hall’s earned and well-deserved success has brought him to great new heights.  He moved his show to The Americana Theatre in Branson, Missouri performing five nights a week.  Looks like he’ll be creating an all-new production that sounds like it will simply knock your socks off!  Utilizing state-of-the-art lighting, lasers, video, sets, and the tightest Rock N Roll band in Branson, Joseph will blow you away as he recreates the legend of Elvis Presley live on stage.  After that remarkable performance at The Grand, I highly doubt this is the last we’ll hear from this talented star.  Everyone walked away from the Joseph Hall Show with huge smiles on their faces . . . and a song in their heart.


  1. I live near Branson and have seen Joseph's show an average of twice a week since February 2010. Joseph is very talented, portraying Elvis with detailed attention to movements, gestures, and looks like no other performer has or ever will. His love for Elvis and his own fans wins the hearts of everyone who sees him. Nebraska fans are especially enthusiastic and proud of Joseph supporting him since his start a short 5 years ago. Do not miss an opportunity to see will be blown away.

  2. I hope I can remember what I wrote because it didnt get posted here.
    This review made me cry because I have been saying this for years and now he is on his way to the top! I'm his #2 fan from North Platte,NE. My daughter and I saw him the first time and after that night we were his fans. Each time he came to North platte we put put 100+ posters, took him to the local tv station to promote his shows, had a surprise birthday party for him after his show at The Platte Bar. In sept of 2010 his #1 fan passed away, he had a show in North Platte Oct 29th, the next month. Of course our family,6 of us had tickets. He had ask for a picture of Brenda and I gave him one of him and Brenda. when we went to our front row seats that night there was Brenda seat with the picture, a teddy bear, scarf and liea...he dedicated the whole show to her. I wear a necklace with some of her ashes and each picture we take together Joe holds the charm with her ashes. what can i say but he is the most compasionate, humble, caring and loving person. His family and our family are close. He is always on my mind. Beth Thompson

  3. THANK YOU LONESTAR OUTLAW REVIEW for making the trip to Grand Island from Texas just to see Joseph perform. Your article and your photos are a great capture of our number one guy--Joseph Hall. Everyone who sees him loves him. He has room in his heart for precious fans, and another corner of his heart for more to come. What a thrill to support Joseph--talented, driven, dedicated, and simply THE BEST. Joseph--we love you.

  4. Joseph does justice to Elvis like no one else ever has. He is so very talented and yet so humble. He is a gracious and loving person and once you get to know him you can't help but consider him a dear friend. He is headed for great success and no one deserves it more.
    Deb and Virg Naggatz

  5. I knew when I saw him on America's Got Talent that he would be a fabulous entertainer. I voted every time and had tickets for the Minden show right after the AGT show ended. I have been to alot of shows, three bus trips to Branson and I am going on the Bus Trip to Graceland in August 2012. Because of Joseph I have met several new friends through the fan club. Joseph and his team are the greatest and we the fan club appreciate all the hard work they put into their shows. Keep up the good work and we are proud of you and all you have done!!